Being 61

Its an interesting time being 61. Gareth has moved on and is forging a career in music and buying a house with his girlfriend, Amy. We are lucky that they live in Leicester so are nearby if we want a catch up. 


I am the oldest member of staff in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham. It really is a great place to work with excellent colleagues and I have some excellent PhD students. But... It's interesting as an academic at this time of life. Throughout my career (both in industry and academia) I have being very driven by goals. Every January I wrote a plan for the next 12 months to take my career forward. I also had 5 year plans. So, for example, I set my goal to be a full Professor by the time I was 50, working out what was needed and how to get there. At 61 at a Russell group University and Director of Research for the School my goals are less clear. I take appraisal seriously and that drives me but ambition? I guess thats to help my students achieve the careers they want, be a successful teacher and do whats best for the School. Hard to explain but ambitions before were all about my future career, they are now about doing a good job.


Also, retirement is now only a few years away. I am lucky (well its partly planned) that we will have a decent income in retirement but an empty week with no meetings etc is a bit daunting. I know I am not unique in this! Cricket will be my summer activity at Grace Road and I have my new found passion for photography. So let's hope thats enough. If it's not will need to develop new interests. At least I am thinking about it!



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